Designer Statement

I desire to work in a professional environment that allows me to creatively and critically create works that both exemplify a personal style as well as stay within a client's vision. My goal is to work with a diverse set of clients, colleagues and leadership to better hone my craft and to create a product that leaves others and myself satisfied.


  • Front-end web design and development
  • Code: HTML.CSS.Javascript. PHP.C#.Processing
  • Content management systems - Wordpress, Sitecore, etc.
  • HTML Email creation
  • Grid systems - Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.
  • Graphic and brand design - Utilizing Creative Cloud and other design software
  • Knowledge of accessible design and keeping design open to those with disabilities
  • Strong communication skills
  • Team Skills - experience in group critique and pitching of ideas


University of Colorado, Boulder

Major - Film Studies
Minor - Technology, Arts, and Media

Focus on design, web, graphic, brand, and also experience with a wide array of coding languages and design principles


EchoStar Corporation - January 2015 to present

Web Designer/Developer
  • Front end web design and development for websites and web applications. Provided these supports to Marketing, Satellite and Engineering segments using various web technologies and languages. Success depended upon creating websites using mockups, wireframes, and coordinating direction from senior leadership.
  • Front end design and development on new BtoC products and large websites such as www.SAGEbyHughes.com.
  • Assisstance with logo design and other graphic design with Creative Team.
  • HTML Email design and development used company wide.
  • Established style guidelines while providing feedback to improve current web standards.
  • Lead liaison and project manager between App development, marketing, and backend cart development groups.
  • Teams were both in headquarters as well as in other states.
  • Minor back end code development in collaboration with App development teams (C#).

US Geological Survey - 2013 to 2014

Hydrologic Technician
  • Worked in laboratory testing water samples as well as taking data. Created a web page for USGS Project and persona pages using HTML and CSS.

NAPA + RIMA - 2013 to 2014

Brand and Product Design
  • Developed brand identity including logo and package design with illustrator and Photoshop. Provided ongoing support when design changes needed implementation.

Prism Home Inspections - 2013 to 2014

Web Designer/Marketing
  • Design of web pages for Prism Home Inspections, Savannah, GA office and Hilton Head, SC, office. Marketing support in SEO and brand recognition.

Cafe Verde Imports - Summer 2013

Web Designer/Graphic Designer Internship
  • Designed and maintained website using Twitter Bootstrap and extensive customization of the base HTML and CSS code. Contributed to brand image with brochure designs that were distributed to coffee shops.
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